Ship models, accurately built at scale according to historical documentation. Works of a professional ship model maker holding a Master of Arts in Martitime History. Several ship models and training programmes around the world. Art and history in a scale down ship.


Baghla from 1838. Scale 1/25


" I believe that knowledge, manual skill and teaching are three pilars of excelency".
I believe that ship models must be both pieces of art and objects of knowledge. So, besides a very high level of accuracy in terms of craftsmanship, my models combine precise nautical archaeology information with high aesthetical value.

Short presentation

Besides being a professional ship model maker, I'm also a maritime historian and I'd be able to provide professional assistance on museum ship modelling consultancy, construction, conservation and teaching.
My Cv is at

As a consultant, I'm a member of the Technical Commission of the Portuguese Navy Museum and  an adviser of the Model Shipwrights Guild of Western New York, USA.
I have experience in defining ship modelling policies in terms of methodologies, techniques, quality, cost and acquisition criteriay for museums and governmental institutions around the world

As a ship model maker, I  have several models on display in museums in Portugal and abroad.
I've recently finished three models, a Portuguese caravel from the XVI, a Portuguse nao from the XVi and a Chinese junk from the XV and I'm currently making a corvette from the XIX. 

As a teacher, I have a book published, in Portuguese and French, by the Portuguese Commission of Military History, on ship modelling.  I'm also frequently requested by national and international institutions to give training programmes and workshops.  In 2013, I went to Brazil to give an upgrading  training programme on ship modelling for the Museu Nacional do Mar (National Museum of the Sea) and between 2008
and 2012 I was commissioned by a Portuguese municipality ( Município do Seixal) to give classes and workshops on ship modelling.

Carlos Montalvão

Lisbon June 2016